5 ways to save your business on HR costs

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# 5 – Start with Social Media: Endlessly searching for candidates from career sites is not an effective way to find the right talent. Using Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook will save you lots of money and give you the opportunity to preview work histories of your dream employees before making any life changing decisions.

# 4 – Outsourcing: Consider the many recruitment and staffing agencies in your industry who have spent months and years finding the right people for the right jobs. This might just be the opportunity to give them a call and head hunt the talent you are looking for! Many of these companies can find the right person for you at a placement fee or hire on your behalf so you never have to worry about retrenchments at the end of that short-term project!

# 3 – Offer Telecommuting: Fewer employees at the office means less paper, telephone and general overhead costs. Structure performance based outcomes into your contracts to make sure the job still gets done even when you don’t see your staff.

# 2 – Use technology to cut down travel time and stress levels: Teleconference calls, Skype meetings and Google Talk are fast replacing the need for long drives or flights to conduct interviews or hold meetings. Find out what best works for your company and save lots of money!

# 1 – Minimise the risk of compliance by outsourcing your HR functions: Many companies offer competitive prices to manage your HR requirements and allow you to focus on growing your business. A negotiated retainer ensures you have the right advice and support whenever you need it and that someone is always worrying about the details of your people.

Bikon Capital is a Johannesburg based company that provides Human Resource Management Solutions to start-ups and established businesses in South Africa.

Small Business Ideas: A Tour with a difference

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Mulaudzi Tours Logo Jeff Mulaudzi

Growing up in Alexandra Township, Jeffrey Mulaudzi had no idea that his daily routine would one day spark a business idea and change his community. Jeff started Alexandra Tours in 2010 to introduce his friendly township to the rest of the world – ON A BICYCLE!

Visitors on the tour meet the Township community in an intimate way and get a glimpse of their daily lives. Alexandra tours is an inspiring story of a social entrepreneur’s humble beginnings handing out flyers at traffic lights to managing a thriving small business employing young people. This year Jeff has been nominated for the Anzisha Prize, a $ 75,000 prize launched by the African Leadership Academy. The award celebrates young entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 – 21 who are innovating solutions to social challenges or starting successful businesses within their communities.


Small Business Ideas: Direct Sitters

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Direct Sitters Logo Screenshot
Direct Sitters, House Sitting Agency

Inspired by The Wright Stuff:

CEO Marcus Simpson came up with the idea for Direct Sitters in 2009 after another idea he had for a company didn’t work out. Feeling a bit depressed, early one morning as he was watching the TV show The Wright Stuff,  a segment in the show suggesting ways to earn extra cash gave him the inspiration to start his own business. One of the suggestions was to do “house sitting” for people who go away on holiday. At the time he wasn’t working and a few days later his mother asked him to wait for a plumber. This got him thinking. What do other people who have to go to work do in this situation? How do they deal with waiting for plumbers, deliveries or engineers and what sacrifices do they make? So he decided that instead of doing house sitting for holidays he would start a company that would solve the problem of people waiting for plumbers, engineers and home deliveries.


Small Business Ideas: CYCLEHOOP

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cyclehoop Cyclehoop Ltd, a company that designs cycle parking products. PHOTOGRAPH: PR

Every cloud has a silver lining: Anthony Lau founded Cyclehoop Ltd in 2008. He was inspired to design the Cyclehoop after his bike was stolen by a thief who  lifted it over the top of a signpost it was chained to. The Cyclehoop can be retrofitted onto signposts, lamp posts, bollards and railings within minutes creating secure cycle parking spaces without the need for digging and concreting. The design has since gone on to win the Reinventing the Bike Shed competition and has been adopted by more than 30 local authorities within the UK and overseas. Five years on, Cyclehoop Ltd have designed more than 15 cycle parking products which are made in Britain and sold worldwide.

Welcome to Bikon Capital!

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Bikon Logo

Thank you for visiting our website!

Starting a business begins with an idea, a dream about what change you want to see. This reality is being made possible by ordinary people who are turning ideas and dreams into thriving sustainable businesses.

But even for most entrepreneurs, starting a business in the first few months with no employees and limited obligations to legal requirements, does not cost much money or time. As the business grows keeping up with administrative work and government red tape to keep your business legal will turn your attention away from your business.

Bikon Capital will ensure your business is legally compliant by managing your industry registrations, tax returns and certifications. We will handle your employee and labour compliance requirements including Payroll Management, PAYE returns, Workman Compensation Registrations and returns.  Our Business Development Advisory services will ensure your Response for Quotations, tender proposals and documentation are compiled and submitted on time.

Call us today and let us worry about your business for a change!

The Bikon Capital Team